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How to use protein powder in your families meals

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We all know that protein is essential to our health but getting it into the average diet especially when you have picky eaters in the house can be a bit of a challenge, to say the least. The good news is that there are things you can do to add protein to foods that your family will love. One way is to use protein powders in your cooking rather than in a traditional protein shake to make them more appetising and to increase the protein content of your family’s favourite foods.

scoop of protein powder

Why you should use protein powder in your family’s meals

Adding protein powder to your family’s meals is a great way to bulk them up and make them more filling.

Protein is essential to keeping your family healthy but most sources of protein are getting very expensive.

Finding easy ways to bulk up everyday foods with more protein can help to lower the cost of feeding your family and to help keep them feeling full longer.

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Ways to use protein powder in your family’s meals

Getting creative with protein powder is easier than you think and a really great way to get this vital nutrient into your family. Here are some simple ways to use protein powder in meals and snacks for your family.

cranberry smoothie


While your family is likely not interested in a typical protein shake you can do a lot of fun things with a protein powder of nearly any flavour when you pull out the blender and sweet fruit.

Try bulking up your favourite smoothies packed with fruits, vegetables, and yoghurts by adding in a scoop of your favourite fruit or cake-flavoured protein powder.

apple pancakes

Pancakes and waffles

Pancakes make a great option for serving with breakfast or breakfast for dinner. A great way to make the most of pancakes is to mix in a couple of scoops of plain or cake flavoured protein powder and a couple of handfuls of quick oats to your basic pancake batter.

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This will give you a flavourful and very filling pancake option that will keep your family feeling full for hours. Waffles are made with a batter similar to pancakes with some added fat.

This makes them perfect for adding in more protein and the added protein powder can make them so much healthier for you and your family. Use unflavored protein to keep the flavour the same or add a sweet flavoured one to make it fun.

carrot soup


Unflavoured protein or collagen powder can make a great addition to your favourite soups and stews.

It can act as a thickener while helping to add protein to the entire dish without being noticeable. This is a great way to boost the protein in your soups on a budget.

Flavoured milk

Kids love flavoured milk. Try mixing up some chocolate milk and adding one quarter to one-half scoop of protein powder for a protein boost that your kids will not even notice is there.

This is a great way to make a fun treat like chocolate milk even better for your kids and to help reduce some of the effects of sugar in their diet.


Fun protein powder flavours can make a great flavouring for your child’s porridge. This makes it easy to turn a canister of quick oats into a filling breakfast that is protein-packed.

You can even set up an electric kettle with hot water and a few flavours of protein powder on the counter so your whole family can choose what flavour they want for their porridge.

Cookies and snack bars

When making cookies and snack bars for your kids you can add a scoop or two of protein powder to the dough.

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While this may not seem like it will give a big protein boost when you divide it by the entire batch this is a great way to get even a small amount of extra protein into your treats making them more filling for growing kids.


The same theory works behind making snacks for your family as it does by adding to cookies and other sweet treats.

The amount of sugar in the cake can send blood sugar rising without protein to balance.

While you should always encourage your family to eat protein before big sugary treats like cake, you can help to increase their protein intake by adding a couple of scoops of protein powder to the cake when you make it.

Homemade pizza

Unflavoured protein powder makes a great addition to homemade pizza crust to add more protein to this family favourite.

The protein powder will go unnoticed making this a great way to get it into members of the family that tend to be a bit picky and it can make a much better option for picky eaters than trying a cauliflower crust to make pizza night healthier.

Have these tips helped you to use protein powder in your families meals? Will it give your children more protein in their diet without them realising it?

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