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014: The science of goals and dreaming: a short historical past – Dr Antonio Zadra – Podcast

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014: The science of goals and dreaming: a short historical past – Dr Antonio Zadra – Podcast


From the earliest civilisations to the current day, people have been fascinated by the numerous mysteries of goals and dreaming. However within the twentieth century, the invention of REM sleep kickstarted a brand new period of scientific enquiry in dream analysis.

We speak to sleep and dream researcher Dr Antonio Zadra in regards to the historical past of dream analysis, from historic concepts, to the main fashionable theories of the perform of goals.

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  • 1:45 Introduction
  • 2:30 The lucid dream that impressed Dr Zadra’s curiosity within the discipline
  • 4:38 Dr Zadra’s present analysis pursuits
  • 7:05 Public perceptions of dreaming, dream interpretation
  • 9:01 Historical concepts: goals as ‘messages from the gods’
  • 11:02 Goals as outcomes of ‘bodily processes’
  • 14:18 Why Freud’s concepts weren’t as unique as most individuals assume
  • 16:06 The forgotten pioneers of dream analysis
  • 20:50 Jung, archetypes and goals as collective experiences
  • 23:21  Dream symbolism, are dream dictionaries correct?
  • 26:37  Is dream interpretation related to the perform of goals?
  • 32:14  The twentieth century and the invention of REM sleep
  • 34:37  Why REM sleep is commonly related solely with dreaming
  • 37:15  An outline of recent theories of the perform of goals
  • 37:59  Goals as a technique to resolve issues
  • 39:00 The threat-simulation concept of dreaming
  • 40:00 Goals as a way to simulate social interactions
  • 41:10 Dream as spandrel’s, epiphenomena
  • 43:06 The overlap between sleep analysis and dream analysis
  • 44:57 The overwhelming proof to indicate that goals aren’t random experiences
  • 47:11 What does the long run maintain for dream analysis?
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This episode’s visitor:

Dr Antonio Zadra

Dr. Antonio Zadra is presently Full Professor within the Division of Psychology on the Université de Montréal and is a researcher on the Middle for Superior Analysis in Sleep Medication (CARSM). Collectively along with his college students and a staff of collaborators, he has printed over 100 analysis articles and e book chapters on goals and parasomnias. As well as, Dr. Zadra has given over 160 convention shows together with dozens of invited talks, together with in the USA, Canada, England, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Japan.


Zadra Lab:  https://antoniozadra.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrZdreams

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