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I Tried Break up Hair Washing for a Clear Scalp and Easy Hair

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I Tried Break up Hair Washing for a Clear Scalp and Easy Hair


At the danger of creating the understatement of the century, there’s no scarcity of hair-washing hacks to be discovered on TikTok. Content material creators sing the praises of the whole lot from rinsing with rice water to shampooing the wrong way up to utilizing conditioner earlier than shampoo. The newest suds-ing sensation everybody’s speaking about? Break up hair washing, which is precisely what it appears like: Splitting your hair into sections and individually shampooing each.

Not like a lot of different TikTok magnificence traits which aren’t totally legit and may even be downright harmful (ahem, sunscreen contouring), there are actual advantages to separate hair washing. Washing your hair abruptly (the way in which most of us do) by slapping on some shampoo and shifting it across the high of your head generally is a recipe for knots, and may make it onerous for the product to get to the place it must go—the scalp.

“Washing your hair in sections each makes it much less prone to get tangled and in addition makes it extra manageable to really attain the scalp. Each the scalp and your hair will really feel cleaner,” explains Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, including you can repeat the approach with conditioner, too. “It’s a great way to make sure you get an excellent saturation of conditioner and makes it simpler to comb it by when you sometimes do this,” she says.

The procss will be particularly useful for individuals who have medium-to-thick hair or curls, each of which enhance the probability of ending up with tangles. That being mentioned, anybody can profit, which is why I (with my effective, straight hair) determined to take this TikTok development for a check run.

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What occurred after I tried cut up hair washing

It’s value noting that my scalp is oily with a capital ‘O.’ Irrespective of how a lot dry shampoo I take advantage of, I’ve to scrub my hair every single day, so any sort of tip or trick that guarantees to go away it feeling cleaner is all the time interesting.

After wetting my hair as I often would, I cut up it up into sections. Hurtado recommends creating 4 sections: Any much less and also you’re not getting the complete profit, any extra and you will get confused about which of them you washed and which of them you have not, she says. It additionally bears mentioning that this method solely works in case your hair is lengthy sufficient to be sectioned within the first place. I.e., you received’t have the ability to do that in case you have a pixie or bob.

My hair is properly previous my shoulders, so it was straightforward to divide into 4 sections: one on high, one on the underside, and one on either side (I did not hassle clipping them up, however you completely can). I then shampooed each bit, and located that it was so a lot simpler to really get the product massaged onto my scalp. I rinsed, then repeated one part at a time. Once I completed, my hair wasn’t the jumbled, knotted mess that it often is—it was really pretty clean.

I cut up up my hair once more and repeated the method with conditioner. I ended up utilizing a bit extra product than I sometimes would, however contemplating I tend to undergo conditioner fairly shortly anyway, it wasn’t that large of a deal.

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Submit-shower, my hair was positively a lot simpler to comb by than it usually can be, no detangling spray needed. And whereas the method did not assist me prolong my washes any longer than traditional (by the subsequent day, my scalp was again to its regular degree of oily), it did initially go away my hair feeling additional clear. As a result of it takes barely longer than an ordinary hair wash, I am undecided it is one thing I would do every single day. However the subsequent time I really feel like my scalp has lots of build-up or I am taking a “full-on” bathe—, the sort the place you exfoliate, shave, do a masks—cut up hair washing will for certain be on the docket.


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