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8 Thoracic Spine Exercises to Keep Your Spine Young with Pilates 

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8 Thoracic Spine Exercises to Keep Your Spine Young with Pilates 


thoracic spine exercises

Thoracic backbone workouts are key to feeling youthful all through each season of life. The truth is, all backbone strengthening and lengthening workouts assist to maintain you feeling younger. 

In case your backbone is robust, cellular, and resilient, your physique will really feel youthful irrespective of your age! As Joseph Pilates, creator of the Pilates technique, as soon as stated: “In case your backbone is inflexibly stiff at 30, you’re outdated. Whether it is utterly versatile at 60, you’re younger.” 

Specializing in backbone well being with Pilates has been key to avoiding again ache (even all through a number of pregnancies!) and minimizing my scoliosis ache for practically 20 years. On this case, nonetheless, we’re speaking concerning the thoracic backbone, which can also be referred to typically as your higher again.

Somewhat little bit of science for you: this a part of the backbone extends from the bottom of your neck to only under your ribs, making it the longest part of the spinal column! Its 12 vertebrae help you bend, stretch, twist, and carry out a number of the most elementary duties in life. 

I do know “backbone well being” doesn’t sound horny, however if you wish to preserve your physique younger and wholesome, it’s important to give it some thought. So let’s dig into why a wholesome thoracic backbone, specifically, is so necessary for maintaining your physique cellular and pain-free. Plus, you’ll learn to strengthen it with a fast however efficient Pilates routine. 

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Why a Wholesome Thoracic Backbone Issues

Your thoracic backbone acts as a stabilizer for the neck (cervical backbone) and decrease again (lumbar backbone). It additionally protects the organs and musculoskeletal construction in different areas surrounding the backbone like your chest, shoulders, ribs, core, and pelvis. 

If the thoracic backbone is versatile, you possibly can transfer extra freely, with out ache or restriction. But when it’s weak, stiff, or misaligned, you possibly can wrestle from a restricted vary of movement. You might discover the latter in the event you really feel stiffness or ache in your again after you’ve been sitting for lengthy durations of time. Once we sit hunched over a pc (such as you may even be doing proper now—no judgment right here, I do it too!), we put extra stress on the backbone, which may trigger emotions of tightness, restriction, and typically ache.

This doesn’t imply you possibly can by no means sit at a pc. It simply means it’s necessary to prioritize intentional and common motion and strengthening. This helps your backbone really feel good day-after-day, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. 

One other perk of caring for your thoracic backbone? Higher posture! When you take care of your backbone you’ll stand and stroll taller, which isn’t solely extra comfy but additionally contributes to improved confidence. You’re additionally extra resilient and cellular, making it simpler to play with the kids or animals in your life or do actions you’re keen on, like mountaineering or gardening. 

Whereas there are numerous methods to keep up energy and mobility in your backbone, I’ve discovered Pilates to be one of the vital worthwhile instruments for myself and hundreds of Lindywell members across the globe.

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10 Thoracic Backbone Workout routines to Strengthen and Lengthen

When doing Pilates, you don’t have to decide on particular thoracic backbone workouts to construct energy on this space of your physique as a result of Pilates workouts naturally assist the whole spinal column and surrounding muscle tissues. 

With that being stated, these 10 workouts, which come from the Backbone Strengthening Pilates exercise within the Lindywell app, had been chosen for his or her specific give attention to the backbone and thoracic backbone. Every train can also be low-impact. Be aware that you simply additionally don’t want to make use of a resistance band to reap the advantages of this exercise!

Lindywell is the main platform for Pilates and wellness. Signal as much as get immediate entry to this Pilates exercise, plus 200+ extra routines designed that will help you strengthen your backbone and enhance your general bodily and psychological well being. Log into the app in the event you’re already a member or begin your 14-day trial right now and see why Lindywell is the BEST place to handle your physique and thoughts.

Roll Downs

Stand together with your ft hip distance aside and the backbone tall to alleviate any compression. Launch rigidity out of your shoulders and nod your chin to your chest, as you slowly roll towards the bottom, one vertebra at a time. On the backside, let your head and arms hold heavy. Take an inhale, and as you exhale, draw your stomach towards your backbone and slowly roll again up, one vertebra at a time.

Aspect Bends

Stand together with your ft hip distance aside. Place the left hand in your hip, then place the correct hand on the base of your head, bent on the elbow. Inhale as you facet bend up and over to the left. Push by the correct foot as you stretch to the correct to create a deep stretch in your proper facet. 

Use your core muscle tissues to elevate your physique again to the middle. Repeat on the opposite facet. 

Shoulder Pulses

Stand together with your ft hip distance aside and the backbone straight, slight bend within the knees. Place the resistance band simply above your wrists and prolong each arms straight out in entrance of you, parallel to the bottom. Face your palms towards each other and pulse your arms into the band and again collectively for a depend of 10. Flip the palms down and repeat for one more depend of 10.

Overhead Pulses

Stand together with your ft hip distance aside and hinge on the hips to sit down again as in the event you’re sitting in a chair. Carry the arms up by the ears, palms dealing with one another, widen your sit bones, and pull your stomach button into your backbone to guard your again. Draw your shoulders away out of your ears and  press the arms out into the band for 10 counts.

Pelvic Bridges

Lie flat in your again, knees bent, ft flat on the ground. Loop your resistance band round your thighs, simply above the knees. Relaxation your head on the ground and your arms at both sides and let your collarbone fall open. 

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Draw the stomach button in towards your backbone and articulate your backbone up right into a bridge place. Pause on the high, then roll again down. Roll again up right into a bridge and pulse the thighs out, stretching the band for a depend of 10 earlier than rolling again down.     


Lie in your again with each legs parallel and straight in entrance of you. Transfer the resistance band right down to the surface of your ft and pull the legs out out of your midline to create slight rigidity within the band. 

Elevate each arms overhead by the ears, then use your core muscle tissues to elevate the pinnacle, neck, and chest up off the mat and towards your ft. Inhale as you elevate your head, neck and chest up off of the mat. Exhale as you proceed rolling as much as stretch ahead past your toes. Take into consideration holding a seaside ball in your lap as you do that—you need to stretch ahead, over the ft, not down towards the bottom. Inhale on the high and as you exhale decrease your self right down to the mat one vertebra at a time. Repeat 8-10 instances.

Backbone Stretch Ahead

Start in a seated place, together with your legs prolonged in entrance of you, open to the width of your mat. Place the resistance band simply above your wrists. With gentle rigidity within the band, prolong each arms parallel in entrance of you and articulate the backbone ahead, stretching past your toes. Flex the ft and picture you’re urgent them right into a wall in entrance of you. As you roll again as much as a seated place, think about that you’re stacking your backbone up towards a wall behind you. Repeat 8-10 instances.

Spinal Twists

Sit together with your legs at a large V-shape angle and your backbone straight. Prolong each arms parallel in entrance of you and preserve the resistance band round every wrist together with your palms dealing with towards each other. Flex the ft and press your heels out, as in the event you’re pushing towards a wall. On the similar time, sit tall as if there’s a wall behind your again as nicely. 

From this place, rotate your torso over to the correct facet, with each arms nonetheless parallel and slight resistance within the band. Return by the middle, then rotate your torso over to the left facet earlier than returning again to middle once more. 

Thoracic Backbone Workout routines to Preserve Your Backbone Younger 

Regardless of how outdated you’re, age is only a quantity when your backbone is versatile, sturdy, and resilient. Whereas backbone well being might not be the sexiest matter, it’s crucial if you wish to really feel good at all ages. These thoracic backbone workouts, and most others that we do in Pilates, assist your backbone, so you possibly can get pleasure from every second of life.


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